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A solid foundation for your financial endeavors.

Axonic Insurance is strongly positioned in the financial services landscape through a robust framework encompassing US annuities, international plans, reinsurance, insurance portfolio management, and industry-leading technology platform design. Our diverse offerings allow us to create partnerships with consumers and institutions globally.

About Us

US Annuities

Axonic Insurance affords Americans the opportunity to diversify their financial portfolios by incorporating multi-year guaranteed and fixed index annuities into overall savings strategies. With 100% principal protection, guaranteed rates of return, and tax-deferred earnings, this collection of products paves the way for a sound retirement savings approach.

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International Plans

Available via a collection of guaranteed investment plans, Axonic Insurance delivers on international clients' unique needs. The Guaranteed Fixed Rate Plan and Guaranteed Index Plan present a more global audience with an investment platform offered via a master trust established in Jersey, Channel Islands.

InsurTech Platform + Consulting

The Axonic Insurance platform enables leading asset managers and institutional investors to manufacture and distribute custom annuity products, providing third parties with insight on product design, pricing, and other critical features needed for building an insurance offering, administration, and distribution strategy.


Platform Details Coming Soon  

A Bedrock of Success

Our ability to design and distribute forward-thinking investment and savings solutions to a global audience is rooted in the backing of Axonic Capital. Learn more about our parent company.

Get In Touch

As we continue to provide power in building our brand, US, and global operations, we welcome you to contact our team for general inquiries.

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